Repairs at AC Caravans
From time to time, unfortunate accidents & breakdowns do occur, but we at A C Caravans will look at any repair including Appliance BreakdownsElectronic charger repairs,   Damp Problems ,   Window Rubber Replacement , Motor Mover Adjustments ,   BodyWork Accidents,   Worktop and Internal woodwork Repairs,   Window Replacement,   Delam Floor Repair( spongy floor )Cracked shower trays repaired and strengthened,  Delamanated windows re-sealed,  Replacement Tyres, Appliance repairs, Motormover repairs and servicing
etc etc.

We are fully insured and our work is guaranteed.

                                             ****Insurance work undertaken****

****Damp and unwanted caravans taken for breaking ****

If damp is detected don't leave it too long before it manifests into a larger problem, damp is easily sorted on a small scale and will save you additional costs at a later stage.  We have the equipment and knowledge to detect damp at an early stage which is all covered in our service packages.

If major work is required we will collect the caravan from you and re-deliver it upon completion, saving you the hassle of hitching up and its not as expensive as you might think to have your caravan repaired.

But as the pictures show below, there is no need to be put off and worried about having a large area of damp repaired, it is often cheaper than buying another caravan.
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No visible sign of damp until the vinyl is peeled back
Damp board removed
and dried out
Reboarded, furniture
replaced and as good as new
Stone dent in caravan side, before and after
GRP repair
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Plastic Repair
GRP repair caravan side
Delam window repair
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